Get a Massage at the Gym

Trust our licensed massage therapist to aid your injury

Yes, you read the right. Get a massage right here at The Storm Zone Athletic Center. Whether you need to loosen up your tight, aching quads or you need a professional to massage a knot out of your back, Stacie Marven is the perfect massage therapist for you. She is a licensed and experienced massage therapist who will work with you to release tension in problem areas and soothe aches and pains.

Call The Storm Zone Athletic Center to schedule an appointment with our massage therapist, Stacie Marven, today.

Heal your body faster with massage therapy

Did you know athletic massages stimulate muscles to heal and repair faster? Our licensed massage therapist can help you speed up your journey along the road to recovery. She can:

  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Pinpoint tension spots
  • Stimulate nerves and tissues

No matter what kind of muscle pain you’re in, let Stacie Marven help you heal faster. Call The Storm Zone Athletic Center at 319-521-0793 today to schedule a massage.